Written by Gillian on the launch of this site

It seems an appropriate moment at the launch of the Website to thank a number of people who have supported and encouraged the shop since the beginning. First and foremost my husband David who has supported me through sleepless nights and the early days when the shop was all I could think about; backed my initial bank loan and rescued me financially from time to time. I ought to include my children at this point who had to put up with scrappy meals and a preoccupied  mother, which they did with touching enthusiasm for the shop.

Simon Duckworth, who was a brass teacher in the area and ran the Wednesday Orchestra, for suggesting that the lack of music shops in the area might be a gap I could fill.

Martin Ellis from Taunton School for sitting on my terrace steps advising me about organ music of which I was completely ignorant.

Tim Harrison, Director of Music at King's College in the 1970's who had enough trust in me to risk bringing the school account to me.

Albert Goodman Accountants who have patiently guided me through the horrors of keeping accounts, yearly stock-takes and VAT returns; have had to put up with various computer related problems but somehow managed to get the annual accounts sorted by the end of every January; and finally Mark McEvans from Albert Goodman who is patiently guiding me through the mysteries of creating one's own website.

There are of course also all our friends and customers for their continuing support including Philippa, another daughter who built up the Musical Gift side of the business. Janet who was my partner in the business for 20 years, Katrina who began as a Saturday girl, then worked full time for a year before going on the music college in London & using her considerable talents as an accompanimist to supplement her income.

Lara, my first manager who efficiently held the fort whilst I was out of action for a few months & who has now left us to teach the piano full time, (highly recommended for anyone looking for a piano teacher in this area); Alex a string player and teacher who was with us for 8 years, who advised us & our customers on string-related problems & finally left us to have more time for playing & teaching (another highly recommended teacher for anyone wishing to learn the Violin or Viola) and Charlie who was one of our Saturday girls for 3 years and then became full time for 3 months before going off to teach in Malawi in her gap year. We look forward to hearing about her adventures when she returns. Mari is also a sometime member of the team, though mainly a full-time professional photographer but she bravely comes in to help out in times of crises. As she becomes more & more successful with her photography - filming anything from documentaries to TV programmes - we see less & less of her sadly.